Cambodia, My Home

This week we are featuring another blog post from Pich K.! He discusses his home country, Cambodia, to share information about it and himself. Thanks Pich!

Before entering into a deep conversation with a new person, the first question that most people usually come up with is most likely about personal information and background. Every time I met new international friends, we simply started with a friendly greeting. Our first conversation went smoothly. But when we jumped to a question which was about our home countries or where we are from, I always felt sad with their next question. Ninety percent of them asked me: “Where is Cambodia?” Most of the people who ask me this are from Asian countries but they don’t know or have never heard about my country whereas I know where their countries are located. I am not jealous with my neighbor country, Thailand, which most of them have visited several times. I usually need to ask them whether they have visited this country or not and if they answered “yes”, then I can tell them where my country is. Most of them have visited Bangkok but not Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, which only takes 45mn from Bangkok by planes. I want to share some information about my country, so more people will know about it and about me.

Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia, bordered by Vietnam to the east, Thailand to the west, Laos to the north, and the Gulf of Thailand to the south. Its capital city is Phnom Penh and its official language is Khmer. It homes to over 15 million people. One of Cambodia’s most famous monument is Angkor Wat, the temple that is featured on the middle of the national flag.


Picture of the Cambodian flag featuring Angkor Wat temple.


Angkor Wat is the biggest religious monument and ancient temple in the world, and the most Cambodia’s popular tourist destination. It is located in the northwest of the country (SiemReap province) was recognized as an important cultural site by UNESCO in 1992. This world heritage temple was built in the first half of the 12th century which means currently it is over 900 years old. Wow! It was my last trip in my country before I came to Seattle. Not only can you the temples in person, but you can see the internal architecture of Angokor Wat and the other temples virtually as well. I have never felt tired of going there. Undoubtedly, until now I have no idea about how my ancestors could build a such huge temple like this. In my opinion, it is the most amazing temple in the world.  Moreover, hundreds of temples and several sight-seeing sites in SiemReap made my trip more fabulous and unforgettable. In particular, the unique and delicious taste of fried chicken with Prahok (the most well-known Cambodian food) felt unique to region, and prepared in a way that I had never had before. It is very hard to describe how tasty it is because in my view, there is no better fried chicken than this.



Angkor Wat

Another favorite region on mine is in the southwest of the country. It’s decorated by  white sand, beautiful and clean beaches, and blue sea. It is one of my Cambodian destinations. Usually, my family goes there at least twice per year. More interestingly, Koh Rong, the second largest island in Cambodia has made me feel that I lived in paradise. On December 31, 2016 my best friends and I went there to celebrate a New Year’s Eve. It was exciting, as we had to get there by speedboat from Sihanoukville province. It was my first time walking into the jungle and enjoying some adventure activities such as zip line, trekking and cycling. More than that, we also went fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling on this lovely, romantic and livable island. More importantly, we saw a real starry sky and light planktons at night. It was very beautiful, and I really want to see it again. Additionally, we could eat the fresh and delicious seafoods. My sadness and grief were taken away by the soft and little wave.


Photoplankton on beaches

Traveling to Cambodia is like traveling around the world. Cambodia has a largest ancient temple in the northwest, blue sea, white sand and beautiful and clean beach in the southwest, and mountainous areas with astonishing views in the northeast. I’m fortunate and proud of being a Cambodian citizen.

A Mailbox and Five Steps

The following is a short story written by one of our students! Congratulations, Mohammed, for writing this story. We are honored to publish it.


Photo from:

It has been 10 years since his life took a depressing turn. Jack was a normal man who did not have any unique thing in his life, except his wife. He lost his wife Mary due to a shocking accident. She was everything for him, she was the life. He has suffered for 10 years and tried to recover. However, he gave up and became a retiree when he was 62 years old.


Photo from: 2

On July 31, 1975, Jack woke up early morning in Orlando. He washed his face trying to scrub away the depression! He went to Mary’s favourite place which was the kitchen. He prepared an American coffee in a sunny day by a wonderful machine that was a gift from Mary. He brought the golden-brown cup and started to cry when he saw one of many pictures that told how Mary was everything! It was taken in front of a rental villa on Miami Beach 20 years ago. That picture showed the unique piece that his whole life was based on, but it has collapsed since he lost her. However, he remembered how she always said to him that you should smile whenever you remember me! So, he stopped crying and went to his balcony to read the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.

After that, he started to read on his usual chair and drank slowly. On the first page, a lottery advertising was there with $1,000,000 as a prize. He read it three times and thought “Should I gamble? Yes Jack, they are just five steps toward a mailbox”, he said. He cut the part of that advertising and filled his information. After that, he went downstairs to the mailbox to send what he has filled in his lottery ticket.



The next day, he sat down on the balcony and read the newspaper as usual. He became shocked and said, “It is incredible, I am the winner!!” This was right, Jack won $1,000,000 in the lottery. Consequently, these five steps to the mailbox were his start to get rid of his pale face and start fresh!

old man

Photo from:


In the afternoon, Jack went to the lottery company and received the prize. He went back to Mary’s pictures to think about a plan. After that, he decided his future and moved to Miami to buy the villa first that was behind Mary and him when they took the picture. He started his business which was Mary’s Resort on Miami Beach. He lived for 18 years more and died when he was 80 years old in 1993. Finally, they were just five steps, but worth it.

-Mohammed Alrajhi

First Time Studying Abroad

This blog post is written by Pich K., one of our IEP student council members. He discusses his first time studying abroad: what was exciting, challenging, and his hopes for the future. Thank you, Pich!

As a child who grew up in the countryside and moved to live in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia in the last 6 years, I had never thought that one day I could study abroad as other people did. Even currently I have been living in the United States, it still looks like a dream to me because it is unbelievable that now I am a student of the University of Washington, one of the top universities in the United States and the biggest and the best university in Washington State.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

After graduating from one of the universities in Phnom Penh in August 2017, I wanted to further my study by pursuing master’s degree in the United States. As English is not my first language and the English language proficiency requirements of each school is so high and I thought I couldn’t attain it, I decided to apply to the Intensive English Program University Track of the University of Washington in order to improve my English and meet the school’s requirement.

Photo by Katherine Turner. The Block W statue at the North entrance to the UW Seattle campus.

After receiving an email from IELP which stated that I was accepted to study in their program, I was both happy and sad because I had to leave my family for a few years. In mid-September 2017, I arrived at Seattle and my journey started. For the first few days in the school, I looked like a crazy guy who always said “WOW” and “WAHHH” during the time I was toured around the campus. It is very beautiful, and I had never seen this such big and gorgeous campus like this before. Each building has its own unique and attractive style. I spent the first two days walking around the campus, U-District and U-Village as well. There are many stores and international restaurants along the University Way which make me feel that I can live abroad for a few years because there are Asian restaurants as well and their dishes are quite good (I can only eat Asian foods), but little bit more expensive than in my country.


University Ave, U-District

First day entering a classroom was extremely amazing. I knew no one and I think other students also did. The first two classmates that I knew are from Saudi Arabia. Then I knew many more friends and we are from different countries. I felt a bit sad because I’m the only Cambodian students in the school whereas other countries have at least two students. However, it is a good opportunity for me because I must speak English all the time, so I can improve my speaking skill gradually. After a week, I realized that this program is very helpful for me and I actually made a right decision. All teachers work hard in helping and correcting student’s mistake. As a result, my speaking, listening, reading and writing skills improve day by day. I do love this program and I’m pretty sure that after graduating from this program, I will be able to speak, read and write academically.


A UW student throws up UW pride at a football game

However, I also met some difficulties. First, even though there are many Asian restaurants, I miss my mom’s dishes so much. To me, her cooking is the best. Second, I always feel homesick whenever I have nothing to do, especially at the weekend. When I feel this way, I really want to go back home. Last but not least, currently I’m waiting to hear a result from graduate schools that I applied. I don’t know whether I will get accepted or not and I’m very nervous. I love UW and I don’t want to move to other states either. I wish I would hear good news from them in couple months ahead.


Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Seattle


In a big city such as Seattle, there are many New Year’s Eve events that are expensive and require lots of advanced planning for you and your friends. For many students, this is unrealistic. Today’s blog post will highlight fun, inexpensive, all-ages events that will make you excited for 2018!

Where to watch fireworks (beginning at 12:00 AM, January 1):

  • Seattle Center: You can watch fireworks from the base of the Space Needle and other areas around Seattle Center! This prime location fills up quickly, so make sure to go early (around 10:00 PM) to find a spot. Take public transportation, as the area experiences a lot of traffic and closed streets on this day.
  • Gas Works Park: If you want to watch closer to UW, you can take a quick bus ride to Gas Works Park. The view of the Space Needle is partially obstructed, but it is still an excellent place to view fireworks.
  • Lake Union: Lake Union offers a stunning view of the fireworks, as well as plenty of close restaurants and bars.
  • Kerry Park: Kerry Park is the most infamous parks in Seattle. With a stunning view of Seattle Center, this is a prime location to watch fireworks. However, Kerry Park is relatively small, meaning it will fill up quickly.
  • Alki Beach Park: Alki Beach is a gorgeous location, close to water, and with a distant yet unobstructed view of the Space Needle. Take the King County Water Taxi over earlier in the day and enjoy an incredible view at midnight. Since it is by water, bring a blanket and take a place near one of the beach fires to stay warm.


New Year’s Eve with Ivar’s: One of Seattle’s most famous restaurants, Ivar’s, has one restaurant on the pier. This means that you can enjoy food and a view until the fireworks begin. This is a wonderful way to enjoy a classic Seattle dish while welcoming the new year.

When: December 31, 9:00 PM

WhereIvar’s Salmon House on Northlake Way

Price: Free + cost of food


Winterfest New Year’s Eve Celebration: Winterfest happens all winter long at Seattle Center, but there are special events for New Year’s Eve! There is live music, dance, and other fun activities for hours before the fireworks. Then, when it reaches 12:00 AM, you already have a great view of the fireworks.

When: December 31, 8:00 PM (Ring in the New Year at Seattle Center); 10:00 PM            (Dance Party at the Fountain)

Where: Seattle Center – the Armory and Fountain

Price: Free


Bellevue Square Celebration Lane: Bellevue Square has a holiday-themed parade (named “Snowflake Lane”) leading up to Christmas, but they start “Celebration Lane” the day after. You can watch this New Year’s-themed parade anytime from the 26th to the 31st, and is sure to get you in the spirit for 2018!

When: December 26-31, 7:00 PM

Where: Bellevue Square

Price: Free


First Night Tacoma: This event features live music, food, and activities for people of all ages. If you want to explore another city and ring in the new year with a large, energetic crowd, check out First Night Tacoma!

When: December 31, start time around 6:00 PM (view schedule online)

Where: Event is centralized around Pantages Theater. Route is within Broadway between S. 7th, and S. 11th

Price: Buy a button online or in-person. Prices vary depending on time of purchase.

Light Shows:


One of the most enjoyable, inexpensive holiday experiences is a light show in a Seattle zoo or garden. These outdoor spaces are decorated with colorful lights along plants, fences, and pathways. This creates a beautiful, bright scene to stroll through. These light shows occur close to UW (Woodland Park Zoo), in Bellevue (Bellevue Botanical Gardens), or further away in Tacoma (Point Defiance Zoo), so you can check them out wherever you are.

Wildlights (Woodland Park Zoo)

When: November 24 – January 1 (closed December 24 & 25), 5:30-8:30 PM

Where: Woodland Park Zoo

Price: $11.95

Zoolights (Point Defiance Zoo)

When: November 24 – January 1 (closed December 24), 5:00-9:00 PM

Where: Point Defiance Zoo

Price: $10.00 at Front Gate, $8.50 online

Garden d’Lights (Bellevue Botanical Gardens)

When: November 25 – December 31; 4:30-9:00 PM

Where: Bellevue Botanical Gardens

Price: $5.00


We hope you enjoy your Winter Break, and celebrate New Year’s Eve with family and friends. We wish a joyful 2018 to you, your family, and friends!

Photo credits: Lake Union Seattle, Pinterest, Red Tricycle,  Seattle Bloggers,, Huffington Post

Favorite Japanese Dishes

Our IELP students come from all over the world, and our STEP 3 session has a large percentage of Japanese participants. Although I have tried basic types of (American=ized) sushi, edamame, and poke bowls, I wanted to learn more about the traditional cuisine. On our field trip to Seattle Center last Tuesday, I asked the students to share some of their favorites, and did some research to find out more about these dishes and their origins.

Image result for japanese regional cuisine


Image result for monja ingredients

Sakura Yamashita describes her favorite dish she calls “Monja” as a “hot plate mixed with vegetable and meat.”

Monjayaki is very popular in the Kantō region, and is one of Tokyo’s most famous dishes. Although often compared to okonomayaki, a similar dish made in the Kansai region, it is a lot wetter and cooks flat on one side, whereas okonomiyaki is drier, firmer and thicker. The ingredients also differ. Monja is created by frying the dry ingredients (usually some variation of cabbage, noodles, cod roe, mochi, and flour) in a circle, and filling said circle with a liquid batter after a few minutes. The result? A delicious savory pancake with the consistency of melted cheese!


Image result for Tonkatsu
“I’m from Fukuoka so I like Tonkatsu” -Kazuhiro Fujiyama

Often simply called “katsu” in the States, this classic Japanese dish uses pork fillet or loin that is dipped in salt, pepper, flour, and beaten egg before being deep fried in a coat of “panko” or bread crumbs. It is usually served with cabbage or tsukemono (Japanese preserved vegetables), rice, and miso soup. In Korea, tonkatsu is known as don-gaseu (돈가스) or don-kkaseu (돈까스), which derived from a transliteration of the Japanese word. There are many variations of this dish, and tonkatsu is also popular as a sandwich filling (katsu sando) or served on Japanese curry (katsu karē).

Yamanashi Fruit

Image result for yamanashi kingdom of fruit
Moemi Okamura explains that “peaces and grapes are the most famous in Yamanashi.”

Japan’s Yamanashi prefecture is dubbed the “kingdom of fruit,” and rightfully so! The reason lies in Yamanashi’s weather– low annual precipitation and extreme differences in heat and cold help to create sweet, juicy fruit year round. Not only is Yamanashi the biggest producer of peaches and grapes in Japan, but there are fruit picking facilities year-round boasting multiple varieties of cherries, plums, pears, strawberries, blueberries, and apples. People from all around the world flock to Yamanashi to admire their expansive orchards and to pick fresh, delicious produce.


Image result for unagi
 “My mom buys the eel in the supermarket but will make it at home.” -Chisa Tomono

Unagi is a cult summertime favorite among Japanese, but can cost up to 30 American dollars served in a restaurant. For this reason, many have incentive to make this delicacy at home. This calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron-rich treat is known to help combat the scorching summer heat. One student adds that July 25th is the designated “unagi day!” Intrigued, I did some research and discovered that the name of the period for eating Unagi is called ‘Doyo-no Ushi-no hi’. “Doyo” is an 18 day period between summer and autumn, mid July to early August, and is the hottest time of the year in Japan. “Ushi no hi” can be directly translated to Ox day, originating from the traditional Japanese calendar that uses the Chinese Zodiac system. Legend has it that a struggling eel restaurant owner during the Edo period began advertising unagi on the day of Ox, because both Ushi (Ox in Japanese) and Unagi begin with the letter ‘u’. This play on words worked well as a promotion, and eventually developed into a Japanese folklore that if you eat unagi on the day of ox, you will regain power!

Image result for japanese food

Obviously, this blog post does not scratch the surface of Japan’s rich culinary heritage. Other favorites frequently mentioned include sushi, nikujaga (boiled meat and potato), nattō (fermented soybeans), shabu-shabu (meat and vegetable hot pot), udon (thick wheat flour noodle), soba (thin buckwheat flour noodle), and wagashi (sweet snack often served with tea). However, I hope that this post could provide some insight into traditional Japanese cuisine and inspire you to try something new!


Your Friday Readings: Part 6

This is the last segment of Your Friday Readings. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it!

Last Spring, students in Independent Writing (INDW 150) had to write a final persuasive essay to demonstrate their acquired skills in the class. The prompt was: Imagine that you work for the department of education in your country. You are assigned with selecting English schools abroad in which students could study. Would you have them choose IELP at the UW in Seattle? Why or why not? Try to persuade your reader.

This essay was written by Jia Song

Nowadays, English schools abroad have been known by Chinese people because both educational institutes and parents are willing to send students abroad to practice English. The quality of the English schools concerns school officials and parents, so the department of education investigates several English schools abroad. The IELP at the UW in Seattle is qualified for students to learn English because the IELP English Program has a variety of courses, responsible instructors, and intensive class schedule.

Initially, the IELP English Program possess a variety of courses which can be freely chosen by students. The IELP English Program have numerous academic courses. For example, the ARW 5 course teachers students how to write academic papers when they go to the US university. Researching academic sources and citing these sources by using APA style are the most important skills in the ARW 5 course. These two skills are widely applied in the US university, so the ARW 5 course is a good preparation for attending the US university. Moreover, the IELP English Program offers cultural courses in which students can understand American culture. These cultural courses are instrumental for students to practice English in living situation.

Additionally, the IELP English Program have responsible instructors. At the beginning of one quarter, the instructors will give students syllabus which can tell students the outline of the class, so that the students can have general ideas about the class. Furthermore, the instructors will ask what students want to study, so the instructors can teach this knowledge and skills in later classes.

Lastly, the IELP English Program has intensive class schedule. Intensive class schedule can give students more time to study in spare time. For instance, the class schedule that one student has just occupied 5 hours a day, so she does not need to go to school on the entire day.

The classrooms of the IELP English Program are distant, so students have to walk a long way to reach the classroom. However walking is good exercise for students without spending money and time going to the gym.

In conclusion, the IELP English Program is a qualified English school to choose because it possess various courses, responsible instructors, and intensive class schedule. Students who would like to practice and study English should attend the IELP English Program. After attending this program, they will benefit a great deal in the future.

Your Friday Readings: Part 5

For the next two weeks on Fridays, small essays written by IELP students will be posted!

Last Spring, students in Independent Writing (INDW 150) had to write a final persuasive essay to demonstrate their acquired skills in the class. The prompt was: Imagine that you work for the department of education in your country. You are assigned with selecting English schools abroad in which students could study. Would you have them choose IELP at the UW in Seattle? Why or why not? Try to persuade your reader.

Several students wrote amazing essays. Check back next week for another awesome essay.

This essay was written by an IEP student

I would recommend students who need improving their language skills to study in the IELP program, if I have to choose one of these programs for them. The reason why I prefer this program is because of its environment, its teachers, and its location.

I have been studying in IELP for over one year. I think the overall studying atmosphere here is very good. The interactions between students and teachers are efficient. Although the program is very intensive, I got a big improvement of my TOEFL test. Before I started IELP here, I only got 84 out of 120 in TOEFL with low scores in speaking and writing parts. However, now I get 93 out of 120 in TOEFL. What is more, my speaking and writing abilities are also improved.

Teachers in this program are also very good. All the teachers here have a master’s degree, some of them are doctors. Therefore, they are professional in the area of teaching English for people who are not from English speaking countries. What is more, teachers here are always willing to answer students’ questions, very kind and patient.

I always believe that the best way to learn a foreign language is living in the country which speaks that language. Seattle is a big international city, people here are open minded. Therefore, students will have more opportunities to communicate with native speakers and practice their English a lot comparing to some English institutions in China. Although they all guarantee to improve students’ English tests’ scores in a short time, I do not thing this is the best way to learn English.

In conclusion, if you want to study the most original English in the United States, you should choose IELP at UW, Seattle.

Your Friday Readings: Part 4

For the next three weeks on Fridays, small essays written by IELP students will be posted!

Last Spring, students in Independent Writing (INDW 150) had to write a final persuasive essay to demonstrate their acquired skills in the class. The prompt was: Imagine that you work for the department of education in your country. You are assigned with selecting English schools abroad in which students could study. Would you have them choose IELP at the UW in Seattle? Why or why not? Try to persuade your reader.

Several students wrote amazing essays. Check back next week for another awesome essay.

This essay was written by Alfie

Recently, parents tend to send their children to the US to study in order to get a better job in their future. However, choosing a city to go to study is the most important thing to consider because they have to think about many aspects such as schools, transportation, and convenience of living. In my opinion, I suggest students to choose the IELP at the UW for some reasons.

First, if students study at the UW they can take a direct flight from Taiwan, and it makes students have a round trip easily. Moreover, changing planes is an annoying thing for everyone, it takes time and students might feel tired when they have to fly from time to time. Thus, studying at the UW is a better choice for Taiwanese; they don’t have to waste time on changing planes.

Secondly, Seattle is a safe city; it doesn’t have any sever disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, and blizzards. Moreover, the crime rate in Seattle is lower than other big cities. Thus, if students study at the UW, parents don’t have to worry about if they will meet any dangerous situations.

Finally, in Seattle, there is no place that people can communicate by Chinese. Unlike Vancouver or LA, people can always speak Chinese in some places in those cities. Therefore, if students live in Seattle, their English will improve a lot in a short period.

In conclusion, studying English at the UW has many benefits. You don’t have to waste time on changing flights and Seattle is a safe city. The most important thing is that students must speak English all the time. It is the best way to learn a second language. Thus, I suggest students to choose the IELP at the UW, and it is the best choice for every Taiwanese.

Your Friday Readings: Part 3

For the next four weeks on Fridays, small essays written by IELP students will be posted!

Last Spring, students in Independent Writing (INDW 150) had to write a final persuasive essay to demonstrate their acquired skills in the class. The prompt was: Imagine that you work for the department of education in your country. You are assigned with selecting English schools abroad in which students could study. Would you have them choose IELP at the UW in Seattle? Why or why not? Try to persuade your reader.

Several students wrote amazing essays. Check back next week for another awesome essay.

This essay was written by Kai

In the 21st century, studying abroad is a trend in Taiwan. And yet, how to choose a university is significant. If students can be in the right track, they will develop their English effectively. Otherwise, it might waste a lot of money. If you ask me which program that I recommend, I would suggest the International English Language Program at the University of Washington.

First, the UW is located in Seattle which is one of the most famous city in the US. Seattle has a lot of beautiful views and convenient public transportation so that students who study in Seattle can enjoy their American life easily when they have free time. In addition, the security in Seattle is very good. As a result, the students who live in Seattle do not worry about their safety too much. Thereby, the UW is a good choice because of the convenience and safe life.

Second, almost all teachers in IELP at the UW are experienced and enthusiastic. An experienced teacher can explain English to students very clearly. It helps students to be able to improve their English efficiently. As for enthusiastic teachers, they are willing to spend their time for students. They usually think about how to help students when they do not have classes. Also, they meet students outside of the classes if students ask. Therefore, the high quality of teachers in the IELP at the UW makes students should consider it primarily.

Last but not least, the IELP at the UW has rich resources such as a great library and some useful activities. The library in the UW is not only offers a great many books from different areas but also offers a lot of computers for UW students. As to clubs, the UW has many great activities such as culture night and exchange partners.

In conclusion, the IELP at the UW is the best choice for students due to good location, great teachers, and useful resources. I would highly recommend students to study there.

Your Friday Readings: Part 2

For the next five weeks on Fridays, small essays written by IELP students will be posted!

Last Spring, students in Independent Writing (INDW 150) had to write a final persuasive essay to demonstrate their acquired skills in the class. The prompt was: Imagine that you work for the department of education in your country. You are assigned with selecting English schools abroad in which students could study. Would you have them choose IELP at the UW in Seattle? Why or why not? Try to persuade your reader.

Several students wrote amazing essays. Check back next week for another awesome essay.

This essay was written by Bess

Recently, English is significant in human’s life because people in different countries communicate with each other by using English language. Even though people can use another language to communicate but English is more worldwide. Therefore, many parents want their children to study English when they are young. However, there are many places to study English. The IELP at UW in Seattle is one of the best choices that you are looking for because the University of Washington is well-known, and teachers are high qualities, also the weather in Seattle is quite similar in Thailand.

There are many IELP in the US but if you search on the internet, you will see the University of Washington is the top 10 ranking in the world. That is because the UW is really well-known university. This university has a lot of smart students, so an environment can make you feel like you are one of these students. Moreover, you will be proud of yourself if someone asks you where you study because people will know at the first time.

Furthermore, there are many high quality teachers in the IELP at the UW. Most teachers have a high education, so you do not need to worry about their background. As a result of having a good background, that means teachers also have a lot of experience and knowledge, you will get more information from this school. Consequently students in one are not as many as some schools, so teachers can focus on each student.

Another reason is the weather. The weather in Seattle is quite the same in Thailand, so you do not need to adapt yourself a lot. In other words, you will get used to living in Seattle more easily than other countries or other cities. Also, if you’re concerned about food in Seattle, I can say you do not need to worry because there are many delicious food in this city. I am pretty sure you will gain weight after staying in Seattle.

In conclusion, studying in the IELP at the UW in Seattle has many advantages, for example, the UW is very famous university, and teachers have high education. Also, the weather is similar in Thailand. Therefore, I highly recommend students who are interested in studying English should go to the IELP at the UW in Seattle.